Using equipment from UK, this extremely effective unit offers similar benefits to the previous equipment mentioned. It offers facial and body contour lifting by re-programming the muscle fibres, reducing and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles on the face/eye area and neck. Sagging breasts and upper arms will improve immensely, along with skin tone and texture. Within the unit there is desincrustation and iontophoresis with a collagen/elastin ampoule.

COST PER SESSION 30 MINS Rs: 2,400; 1 HOUR Rs: 4,000- 4,800 dependent on body area being treated around 8 sessions will be required.










Using latest European ultrasonic break through technology to provide effective safe peeling, deep cleansing, clarifying, regeneration, smoothing and transformation of dull/devitalised skins.







  1. Smoothes wrinkles

  2. Clarifies the complexion, the deep penetration of sound waves into the skin diffuses uneven pigmentation leaving a clarified complexion. Improvement to the skin is quick and painless.

  3. Effective peeling. Ultrasonic vibrations provide effective peeling to give immediately refreshed and smoothed skin for all skin types. The top layer of “dead” skin cells are quickly and easily removed.

  4. Removes imperfections. A micro galvanic current is combined with the ultrasonic vibrations to emulsify sebum and remove blockages from pores. The skin is deeply cleansed and imperfections are removed.

  5. Moisture infusion. Deep ultrasonic massage stimulates the microcirculation and reactivates the cellular exchange.

COST Rs: 4,000 per session. Treatment time 60 minutes. Advisable to have session 4 -5 weekly basis to keep skin fresh and regenerated.



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Keep coffee and tea to the minimum, no more than 5 cups per day.stop smoking? All helps to promote clear skin.


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Full body detox lava hot stone massage- only Rs1,800
Luxury paraffin hand and foot treatment- Rs1,000
Hot sugar body polish- leaving skin smooth & silky Rs1,300
Thermal body wrap for super soft skin& hydrationRs1,400
Sams hydratingfacial & lips treatment Rs-2,000
Nourishing hair treatment Rs1,200
Stress relief facial Rs 1,500

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