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Wear appropriate swim wear

Individuals utilising the facilities do so at their own risk, we have NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY

Pregnant women to avoid use, people with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, using stimulants or depressants, elderly persons can use facility with supervision.

People with history of fits, epilepsy, faints, and funny turns, to use facility only with close supervision for your own safety, do not use this facility if you have no attendant present with you.

Avoid using facility when all alone.

A reasonable time in Jacuzzi is 15 minutes, maximum time is 30 minutes, exit immediately if feeling faint, dizzy, sleepy or uncomfortable.

Chlorine and ph levels, may cause some fading of certain fabrics and cause discolouration of some jewellery, please do not wear expensive jewellery inside Jacuzzi/hot tub.


Smoking or exercising inside the Jacuzzi

Children under the age of 8 years UNLESS supervised at all times by adult family member. Must wear inflatable arm bands. NO children must be left unattended at any time. No children with nappies allowed in hot tub/Jacuzzi.

No glass items allowed in the Jacuzzi area

No food inside the Jacuzzi

Do not use at water temperature greater than 100F. Always check the water temperature before entering.






No responsibility can be accepted by SAMS for the safety of money or valuables or personal belongings. Try not to bring any valuables with you unless for shoots /brides etc if you have brought them please take care of such items .Lockers are provided in the make-up room , and the changing room. We are not responsible if lockers get mishandled.



We regret due our effort to maintain a relaxed atmosphere inside the spa we kindly ask clients not to bring babies or children under the age of 8 to your scheduled appointments much as we love children, all children must keep noise levels to a minimum. We have no child care services at SAMS. Outside the pool /Jacuzzi area children are allowed if they are supervised on a one to one basis by an adult responsible guardian. If they are here for workshops /classes on specific dates /timings or here for treatments noise levels must be kept to a minimum. For spa treatments all children under age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult member of the family. The pool is for children ( over age 8 years), or those that can swim .We have NO permanent life guard on duty , children at all times must be supervised by an adult guardian and at no times must they be left alone in the pool unsupervised, we cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur. The pool/jacuzzi is strictly for those that can swim all children must wear INFLATABLE devices like arm bands/wings in the pool. Please note we cannot provide staff to look after children we have no crèche facility; children are the responsibility of the guardian /parent.


Are not allowed except for guide dogs.


We operate a strict no smoking policy inside the buildings, if you wish to smoke pool area Gulberg, outside porch area Gulberg / roof top terrace defence are the only places were smoking is allowed, please ask as a courtesy to other clients around you if they don’t mind you smoking as dangers of passive smoking are well known to everyone we would prefer if you did not smoke. (Smoking risks, heart disease, strokes, circulatory damages, cancer risks, lung disease, increase skin ageing)


Is qualified in a number of treatments, if you would prefer a particular therapist please request at reception if he /she is available. At times if they are not available or off duty you may be given a different therapist/beautician.


From time to time we reserve the right to change prices according to market fluctuations. Our products /treatments may change prices due to changes in price of natural ingredients, herbs /oils. We may discontinue treatments without notice, we will try were possible update our web site regularly and the client notice board with price changes or new treatments or discontinuation treatments /products. Our prices are fixed and are non-negotiable.



Please be sure to shower before and after using the sauna/steam room/ hot tub/swimming pool.


SAMS has its own free parking, there is also space for cars on the road outside free parking. Please park near the park side, if no car parking available in Gulberg site and please do not obstruct neighbours drive ways/gates. We operate appointment only treatments so that we can control amount of cars coming. Drivers must wait outside seats available and not inside Gulberg site especially when it is women’s spa time to ensure privacy. In T block plenty of free car parking available outside SAMS and opposite us.


As a courtesy to other guests and to preserve the ambience of the spa we respectfully request that clients switch mobile phones preferably off before entering the spa and leave the outside world behind you, or switch to silent/ discreet mode, strictly no phones to be kept on loud mode . Please keep noise to a minimum whilst in the spa.

We request that all guests respect the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity within our spa and treatment areas.


Please note for safety reasons you must be able to swim and tread water to enter the pool, Under NO circumstances if you cannot swim go near the deep end (5 foot 3) NON SWIMMERS if you are wishing to cool down please remain in the shallow area for your own safety (3 foot 3) for safety reasons always wear inflatable arm bands/wings and have someone with you, we do not advise you swim/enter water alone. Clients prone to fits /black outs /faints are not allowed in the pool or hot tub/Jacuzzi for safety reasons No children under age 8 allowed in the hot tub/Jacuzzi all children to wear inflatable arm band/wings. If you decide child under age 8 years goes in Jacuzzi/hot tub an adult member must accompany them inside and supervise at all times. Children at all times must be supervised when around pool/in pool /Jacuzzi area by an adult guardian member on a one to one basis, under no circumstances must children be left alone, we cannot be held responsible for any mishaps that can occur. We have no permanent life guard on duty therefore if children are in the pool/Jacuzzi area , a guardian on a one to one basis must be present at all times, if you cannot provide this then children must not go near the pool /Jacuzzi area . You are responsible for your child’s safety. SAMS pool was intended for adults only use due to popular demand and enquiries for children to use pool we have opened pool for children over age of 8 years and those that can swim as long as adult guardian with children on a one to one basis. If you decide child under age of 8 years goes in the shallow end an adult member must accompany them, inflatable arm bands/wings must be worn. Please do not misuse this service.

Two life rings are in the pool area, please do not use these as toys they are life saving devices in case of emergency, throw in the pool and the person can hold on to it to help them stay afloat and press the emergency button located near the window cafe SAMS, or shout for staff member in cafe SAMS. Under no circumstances jump in the pool if you cannot swim.

Swimming caps must be worn in the pool by everyone. Shower before entering pool and after using pool, toilets are provided around pool area do not pee in the pool. No glass items e.g. bangles to be worn in the pool, neither is glass to be used around the pool area no glass crockery to be used. No running around the pool, beware floor can get slippery, so be extra vigilant, we are not responsible for any accidents that can occur. No photos/video recording allowed respecting privacy of all clients. Lockers are provided around pool area to store small bags/phones etc do not bring valuables with you as we are not responsible for their loss. During women times 9 am till 4 pm boys over age 8years not allowed in the pool, they are allowed after 4 pm when it is family time.

Beware of wearing precious jewellery as the cleaning agents used can occasionally affect these.

We provide adult /children swimming beginner’s classes enquire at reception for details.

Please shower before using pool, hot tub/Jacuzzi, sauna /steam in order to remove perfumes, make up, oils. Do drink plenty of water during your spa session or if using hot tub /sauna/steam this will help with hydration and detoxification. Under 16’s not allowed in steam/sauna areas due to relatively high temperatures. ALL CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16 WHO VISIT THE PREMISES MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT ON A ONE TO ONE BASIS AT ALL TIMES AND RESPECT THE RESTFULL NATURE OF THE SPA, WE DO NOT HAVE A CRECHE FACILITY, NEITHER CAN OUR STAFF LOOK AFTER CHILDREN, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILDREN. ANY DAMAGES OCCURED MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR.


Please be careful in all wet areas and going up stairs and wear non slip flip flops.


A changing room with lockers for your personal effects is available .Please take care of your valuables as we cannot take responsibility for their loss or mishandling of lockers. We encourage you to leave all valuables at home. NO overnight use of lockers allowed under any circumstances if found to be used locker will be opened for security reasons. At the end of your treatment you will have time to change and prepare yourself to rejoin the world, totally relaxed and at peace with your inner and outer being.

If you wish to borrow a hair dryer please enquire at reception a refundable deposit of 2,000rs will be required and a ticket issued. We will minus 100rs for use of hair dryer.

Bring your own towels for gym/sauna /pool etc use for spa treatments we provide towel for use. To hire a towel is 500rs refundable deposit minus 100rs for use.


If you have had, or are suffering from any medical condition, please speak to the reception staff prior to booking or see me (DR AKHTAR) so we can advise on most appropriate treatments. All personal details taken will be kept in the strictest confidence. It is the client’s responsibility to inform us before treatment starts if you have any medical problems like asthma, diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure problems, epilepsy, have thrombosis history etc suffering from any illness, on medication, any recent operations, or are pregnant, or any allergies in order that we may recommend suitable therapies. We regret we are unable to provide treatments if you are suffering from an infectious disease, head lice or open sores or wounds until these are cleared. Before commencing any treatment please tell us if you are allergic to anything especially nuts as some of our products contain nut oils like almond, walnut, peanut.

It is our duty as professional skin care therapists to give you advice/information you need to help you achieve your skin care goals. We will discuss follow up and home care products and answer any queries you may have. You are under no obligation to buy any products.


If you are not comfortable for any reason at all at any time during your treatment, please inform your therapist immediately. As part of our professional service your therapist will discuss follow up treatments and homecare products and answer queries you may have. You are not under any obligation to buy any products.

ALL Treatments/procedures /facilities may not be available at all SAMS branches and may be location specific.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure the smooth running of the spa, ongoing maintenance, unforeseen circumstances may result in some of the facilities being withdrawn at short notice.


Ensure you drink plenty of water throughout your day freely available in the spa, allow yourself time to rest in between our hot rooms (sauna/steam room)


All prices are correct at time of printing and are subject to change from time to time. SAMS Medi Spa reserves the right to change, amend, alter or with draw treatments without prior notification.


Is available and saves money in the long run; however it is not essential to enjoy our facilities and treatments. Booking is our essential requirement. Please check our website for membership prices or call the spa.


To avoid disappointment please book your treatments and packages in advance. For group bookings please book 10 days in advance. FOR individual not group bookings you can call the spa to see if any appointments free for the day. All appointments must be booked through reception so we can ensure the smooth running of the spa in a relaxed atmosphere. Evening /weekend appointments are much in demand so book early to avoid disappointment and to secure your chosen day, time, and services. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking and is non refundable, you can change day /time of appt as long as we get 2 hrs advance notice, 48hrs notice required for group bookings (3 or more) or for packages / spa experiences. Failure to do so mean loss of deposit this is to ensure our smooth running of our spas on a professional basis and to ensure clients have appointments.

All appointment times given include setting up room, preparation of client, and post preparation of client.


Clients are encouraged to arrive 10- 15 minutes before treatments commence to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Remember take time to spa! TIME FOR YOU. As a courtesy to all our clients a prompt appointment schedule is to be adhered to. Regrettably late arrivals (more than 10 minutes late) may mean we are unable to provide the treatments booked or treatment time may be reduced in order to keep the following clients’ appointment time. If your appointment has to be rescheduled due to late arrival and we have clients booked following your appointment the cancellation fee/booking fee will be charged. There is nothing fashionable about arriving late it only deprives you of your treatment time. On arrival you may be asked to complete and sign a confidential health questionnaire dependent on the treatment booked this is done so we can assess your skin type/needs to give you the most appropriate treatment tailored to your requirements


We understand that there may be occasions when clients need to cancel or reschedule treatments. Please note that in the event of a cancellation the following conditions apply many thanks for your kind cooperation in this matter.

  • More than 2 hours notice: No charge

  • Less than 2 hours notice: 50% of the cost of treatment will be charged

  • No shows:100% of the cost of treatment will be charged


Cancellation of spa packages/experience programmes for group bookings of 3 or more are to give minimum 48hrs advance notice. Failure to do so means loss of deposit; this is to ensure other clients have availability of appointments. Cancelation of individual spa packages/experiences must provide minimum 12 hours notice, failure to do so means loss of deposit.

Bridal/make up services are non refundable , so you have to be sure of day/time you want service once booked and 50% deposit paid this is non refundable due to our appointments high demand.

Please note 50% deposit will be required to secure all treatments/packages. Otherwise you can call the spa on the day to see if we have appointments /therapists free, treatments will be subject to availability. Walk inn will be accepted if appointments are available on the day, we operate strictly on an appointment basis so we can ensure the smooth running of our spas in a relaxed atmosphere.

Treatment prices are subject to change without notice and subject to availability.

Treatment times include consultation.


Your therapist is there to make your treatment enjoyable for you as possible, so please give feed back to them to ensure you are getting the most from your experience, if pressure is to light or strong please tell your therapist at the time.


Some people like to drift off during their treatment, others like to chat, it is completely up to you. Our therapists will only chat if you want them to please inform them.


We provide ourselves on excellent service and your satisfaction and happiness is our ultimate goal, giving gratuities or tips to your therapist/staff member are completely at your discretion. If you would like to leave a gratuity please leave with reception. No inappropriate behaviour or requests will be tolerated.


For further advice on skin /hair /nail conditions please book appointment for consultation with myself DR AKHTAR




Using our advanced state of the art computerised SAMS equipment from Europe, we carry out a detailed examination of your face, or body with a series of photographs with the equipment which records images 2mm beneath the surface, to assess your skins condition including blood, hydration, melanin, sun damage areas, wrinkles, ph, it will show areas needing special treatment on our computer, which we will print for you, using these findings we create a programme for your treatment needs and home care plan. With this system we can track your progress with the skin care treatments.


Please check out this area, for products the therapist may have recommended for you to use at home. We make our own certified in UK handmade, fresh, natural cosmetics ranging from bath bombs, truffles, muffins, handmade soaps, soap cakes and many more.

Please note that our SAMS products are homemade variation may occur in colour, design, smell. NO ONE DESIGN MAY BE THE SAME that is the beauty of hand made products it no way detracts from the quality of the product each are unique.


Within 7 days any unused item may be returned for a full refund with a receipt of purchase. After 7 days no refunds will be given.


If you normally meet your friends for a coffee why not meet for a treatment instead. Manicure or pedicure or nail treatments are an ideal way to catch up with friends saving you time and we will provide the coffee free of charge! Why not have a tasty pancake or waffle with your coffee (EXTRA CHARGES)

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH AND OFFER OF THE MONTH will be available please enquire at reception, check client notice board or check website.


Is allowed between 10.30am till 9.00 pm Monday to Saturday on Sundays from 12:00 till 8:00pm prior booking required. If there is client’s in the body treatment /facial rooms no visitors will be allowed to respect client’s privacy.


A full description of our treatments and services, with photo gallery of the spa can be found on our website, we continually research and improve both new and existing treatments and we are constantly aware of our position as a developing enterprise, so please keep a check on our website for updates or info@

Subscribe to our events mailings and receive your exclusive pre-invites to up and coming new treatments and product launches and our seasonal offers.


Includes cash, gift voucher in date (must be presented at time of booking otherwise full payment must be given) cheque will be accepted but needs to be cleared 4 days prior to any treatment booked. Cash is our preferred method of payment. We ask you to pay for all treatments on arrival at the spa where you will be issued a ticket with your receipt which is to be handed to your therapist prior to treatment, if you decide to add on any treatments or to extend a body massage etc you will be given a bill by the therapist to be paid for at reception. All treatments are subject to availability.


Cancellations are difficult for us to fill at short notice so we would like to offer our regular clients cancellation spots at discounted rates if you would like to treat yourself without feeling guilty call before 1pm to ask for any last minute booking offers, please be aware this is not always available it is subject to availability. Evening and weekend appointments are always in heavy demand and may not be subject to our late booking/last minute deals.


Many of our treatments are available on courses, in certain cases if you buy 5 treatments in advance you get 6th free (buy 5 get 6th free!) this applies to our body massages, scrubs, body wraps, SAMS facials, SAMS manicure /pedicures unless stated differently. Courses do not expire and we will be happy to customise special packages to suit your needs.


A robe /towel and slippers/flip flops will be provided for body treatments or you can bring your own flip flops/towels for use whilst in the spa. Please bring change of underwear to change into after body treatments try to wear clothing for your treatments you don’t mind getting possibly stained due to our use of scrubs /oils , do not wear new items of clothing as splashes can occur accidently WEAR LOOSE , OLD COMFORTABLE CLOTHING. We strongly advise you wear the appropriate attire given by your therapist like facial gowns, aprons to avoid possible stains. Please remove contact lenses before the facial treatments; please bring your own contact lens case and solution. Please bring swimwear & towel for sauna /steam/Jacuzzi, ice room and pool and non slip foot wear and a hairbrush so you can best use the variety of heat and wet facilities available to you throughout the day. We sell ladies/ men’s, children’s swimwear/ goggles/swim caps, nose clips, hair combs/brushes, please enquire at reception. Towel hire is available refundable deposit of 500rs minus 100rs for hire.

Men must wear briefs/swimming trunks whilst having any body treatments Ladies remember to bring open toed footwear if your treatment involves a pedicure to avoid smudged nail polish!

For gym/fitness studio, appropriate gym wear, to be worn and indoor trainers .We sell branded and non branded gym wear in variety of colours/ designs /sizes, head bands, wrist bands, wrist /ankle weights, yoga mats, our own logo drinking bottles available, bottled water is available and water available from our water dispensers, vitamin /supplement advise available enquire at gym reception.

Please ensure you shower cosmetics /perfume products from your skin /hair before using any of the heat or wet facilities.


If you are pregnant choose the approved treatments in the Mothers to be section, you can choose any manicure/pedicure. Please inform the staff member if you are pregnant prior to taking the treatment for your wellness and enjoyment. No saunas, steam, Jacuzzi/body wraps advised. Swimming is safe in pregnancy; please take care around wet areas to avoid accidents.


We have many detox programmes, an overload of toxins can take their toll on the body, preventing it from absorbing essential nutrients, which can lead to conditions ranging from skin problems to fatigue, steam /saunas, thalossotherapy, exercise, massage, healthy food are great ways to “spring clean” your body as well as improve your energy levels.


We have many too choose from! These are very affordable with considerable reductions than with individual treatments, you can make your own packages according to your needs (if value over 3, 000rs get 5% of total). This also applies to members. We cannot give further discounts on our readymade packages/experiences as discounted already. The packages must be taken on the same day and not be split into different days; they may not necessarily be with the same therapist. Check our website or call in at the spa for details.


Confused? Our spa manager is more than willing to discuss treatments we offer and suggestions.


Relax with a group of friends or family and indulge yourself with our wonderful treatments we can cater for groups up to 16 unless stated differently at any time during the day and into the evening. TEN days prior booking required.


We respectfully request you to act appropriately at all times, inappropriate behaviour/ suggestions will not be tolerated and will result in termination of the treatment with no refund given and in certain cases immediate and permanent expulsion from the spa. No physical /verbal, acts of aggression will be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of treatment and expulsion from the spa permanently. Our staff has a right to work in a non threatening atmosphere, we maintain a professional working medi spa and any abuse will not be tolerated. Our team of therapists are trained to the highest professional standard and continue to train to ensure you receive the very best and latest in treatments. Women will generally treat women, the exception can be our male makeup artist or hairstylist, and our medical visiting consultants/ specialists may be male or female a female chaperone will be present for any examinations by male/female medical/surgical staff members. Women staff members may do the men’s manicures /pedicures, facials, haircuts/dyes/treatments, head massage etc as necessary, body treatments for men will be done generally by men, our female staff members can do body treatments on males if that is your preference. BUT will always have another helper chaperone in the room at all times present to ensure safe, professional running of the spa. This also applies when a female staff member does a male facial, chaperone will be around. Men staff will NOT under any circumstances do female body/facial treatments. Manicures/pedicures/makeup/haircuts /hair treatments/styling can be done by our professional male staff on female clients if they don’t mind, otherwise request a female staff member if available.


IF you experience any problems with any staff please report to the duty spa manager /front desk staff. Please inform therapist if you find pressure is too less or deep immediately so we can adjust to your requirements, the staff will be asking you throughout the treatment if pressure is suitable.


SAMS will not be liable for any injury /accident suffered by a member or guest. Please take extra care around the spa /cafe /shop, especially in wet areas to avoid falls. If you notice any spills, hazard objects, equipment not working etc please report immediately to a member of staff.


All treatment times are approximate and include preparation time, post preparation, filling in our consultation form. All personal details taken will be kept in the strictest confidence.


Prices are subject to change without prior notification, we continually strive to bring you the best and economical treatments to suit all budgets but we regret sometimes we may have to alter prices due to fluctuations in the cost of products. We reserve the right to alter spa opening times.


Is the perfect place to relax and unwind inside or outside (with soothing sounds, calming aromas) before or after your treatments, please arrive fifteen minutes before to allow a stress free book in and to fill our life style questionnaire, and allow twenty minutes after the times listed. REMEMBER TAKE TIME TO SPA! TIME FOR YOU. Magazines and daily newspaper are available in the spa or you may wish to bring your own reading material. We have a DVD /book exchange available. Iced water /green tea freely available throughout the day with our compliments. Our SAMS facials and body treatments start with a relaxing foot soak to soothe tired feet and toes by warming and relaxing the muscles and calming the mind.


We operate a book/DVD exchange , DVDS 30rs for exchange ,adult books= 100rs, kids books =60rs for exchange, please take your own book /DVD you want to exchange at reception first before selecting your choice, the book /DVD can be in English/Urdu/Punjabi/Hindi. Please do not misuse this service as exchanging your book/DVD with another keeps a continuous supply on going for others enjoyment as well. The money collected will be given to Make- A- Wish Foundation Pakistan a non profit wish organisation in the world, this organisation makes terminally ill children’s wishes come true , the average wish in Pakistan costs few hundred dollars like a colour television, mobile phone if they are bedridden, or a bike if they can walk etc so please help with your donations to this worthwhile charity no one can see a child suffer, by your donations we can grant their small wishes, if you have books or DVDS/games you don’t need any more then please bring to the spa so people can exchange in the spa and support this worthwhile charity. Visit their website

FURTHER CHARITY FUND RAISING – Every 4 months we will be running a garden/pool side charity stall so please bring any items you don’t need like toys, books/DVDS, games, clothes children /adult, prams , cots, walkers etc... Money collected will be given to make a wish foundation. So please dig out and clear all those unwanted items you don’t need at home.


We offer light healthy meals and variety of health juices /smoothies. See our food/drink menu. Bringing your own food is not allowed in the spa unless you have some medical condition/allergies.

Ensure you drink plenty of water throughout your day especially after having sauna/steam treatments.



Are available in values of 100, 500, 1000 to be used in exchange for any of our treatments. They are valid for six months. Expired gift vouchers cannot be used. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and must be used for treatments before the expiry date. Unfortunately we cannot honour lost gift vouchers so keep them safe. Vouchers must be handed to reception staff at time of booking any difference in amount for treatment must be paid for in cash. If voucher not handed over to reception staff full price for treatment must be paid for.


Looking for a unique way to reward your hard working employees or an exceptional gift to surprise your valued clients. Give them a SAMS GIFT VOUCHER OR SERVICE. Gifts of manicures/pedicures, massages, facials are great gifts to receive and a great way to relax.

For lunch breaks/get a ways – manicures, hot shaves, back massages, face massages are ideal.

Choose our unique gifts from SAMS BOUTIQUE IN DEFENCE.


Companies must pre register with SAMS to qualify for our discounted 5 % services on selected services. Once registered employees must bring their company photo ID with them to avail discounts bringing no photo company ID means no discount.


Ask at reception for your own card and get it stamped each time you come to the spa AND PAY for spa treatments It does not apply when you pay for membership fees / course fees / gym/pool/saunas/ice room/Jacuzzi/fitness studio/ products in spa shop defence.


Feed back is welcomed, if you wish to see other services /treatments added, or suggestions just complete the feedback card available at the front desk, or card and put in the suggestion /feedback box in reception. Or email us.

In the unlikely event that you have any cause for complaint, please inform a member of staff in reception or our spa manager before you leave. We will do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction.


5% discount will be given on all treatments (unless stated differently) except for threading/waxing, polishing, bleach, express treatments , simple, basic , economical face body treatments which is at an economical affordable price already . Discounts are not available on gift vouchers. Discount of 5% is offered to our packages /combination treatments if value over 3,000rs, as these is already economical as compared to the market. Please show a valid student /corporate ID card to avail discount prices failure to show valid card will mean no discount. Companies are encouraged to support the wellbeing of their staff to counteract stress and promote wellness and less time off work.


Whether it’s a hospitality day for clients, a day to reward hard working staff or an inspiring location to meet clients/staff we can arrange. Bringing your clients to SAMS will forge stronger business links, inspire loyalty and leave them feeling deeply impressed better than taking them out for a meal! Combine this with our healthy light menu and healthy juices/smoothies.


Every Tuesday, Wednesday 5% discount is given on all treatments unless stated differently, except threading, waxing, polishing, bleach, express treatments, simple/basic/economical face or body treatments


Exercise is a vital ingredient in creating a healthy mind and body; it reduces stress, improves sleep, strengthens immunity and makes you feel happy and energised. Our fitness facilities include a vast range of activities to suit everyone. You can become a member or pay as you come basis.





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Remove makeup before going to bed and cleanse the skin thoroughly. Use facemasks or exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and freshen the skin.


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