DR AKHTAR has designed skin programmes effective for your skin needs which are more economical than individual treatments,all programmes can be customised further depending on your individual needs so please book a consultation with myself (Dr Akhtar). CONSULTATION= 1,000rs

Anti-ageing starter programme = 19,000rs

  • Collagen facial

  • 6 glycolic peels

Anti-ageing advanced programme = 54,000rs

  • 4 collagen facials

  • 6 glycolic peels

  • 6 non surgical facials

  • 6 blue light sessions combined with peels.

Anti- ageing ultimate programme= 58,000rs

  • 6 glycolic peels

  • 6 non surgical lifting facials

  • 6 blue light sessions combined with peels

  • 4 Nora Bode oxygen facials with collagen mask

Skin rejuvenation & tightening= 61,000

  • 4 skin tightening with radio frequency

  • 3 facial peels

  • 8 IPL light therapy sessions

Problem skin programme=43,000rs

  • 6 prescription facials

  • 6 glycolic peels

  • 6 medical microdermabrasion sessions.

Acne/damaged skin programme= 53,000rs

  • 6 microdermabrasion sessions

  • 6 prescription facials

  • 3 peels

  • 6 blue light sessions

  • 3 IPL/Laser skin rejuvenation control sessions

Skin brilliance programme = 29,000rs

  • 2 prescription facials

  • 2 skin glowing/ medical whitening facials

  • 6 mesotherapy skin brightening sessions

Skin whitening programme =47,000rs

  • 4 medical whitening facials

  • 6 mesotherapy skin whitening sessions

  • 6 glycolic peels



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Full body detox lava hot stone massage- only Rs1,800
Luxury paraffin hand and foot treatment- Rs1,000
Hot sugar body polish- leaving skin smooth & silky Rs1,300
Thermal body wrap for super soft skin& hydrationRs1,400
Sams hydratingfacial & lips treatment Rs-2,000
Nourishing hair treatment Rs1,200
Stress relief facial Rs 1,500

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