Contains a complex blend of natural minerals and antibacterial properties, promoting relaxation and rebalancing the body’s mineral deficiencies.

  • SEAWEED HEALTH BATH (30MIN)-3, 500rs with seaweed &sea minerals relaxing, therapeutic, natural & pure.

  • SEAWEED HAND SPA (30MIN) -2,000rs have your hands look and feel younger with rich vitamins and minerals from seaweed.

  • SEAWEED FOOT SPA (30MIN) – 2,000rs deeply hydrates, softens and re-energises your weary legs and feet with a natural exfoliate.


  • SEAWEED BODY WRAP (40MIN)- 4,000rs an intensive natural and healthy way to look , slimmer with less cellulite.

  • SEAWEED MASSAGE (1HR)- 3,000rs release your stress through detoxification while making your skin feel soft and smooth.

  • SEAWEED FACIAL (1HR) - 3,000rs provides minerals, renews even skin tone.

  • PERFECT COMBINATION ( 1 HR)- 3,900rs 30mins seaweed hand spa & 30mins foot spa


  • NEW BEAUTY RECOVERY (1 HR 45MIN)-5,800rs - begin with flower foot wash, 1 hr seaweed massage & 30mins seaweed facial.


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Sensitive skin- a common cause is cosmetic ingredients, but temperature extremes or poor skin care can also be cited.


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Full body detox lava hot stone massage- only Rs1,800
Luxury paraffin hand and foot treatment- Rs1,000
Hot sugar body polish- leaving skin smooth & silky Rs1,300
Thermal body wrap for super soft skin& hydrationRs1,400
Sams hydratingfacial & lips treatment Rs-2,000
Nourishing hair treatment Rs1,200
Stress relief facial Rs 1,500

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