8 days training, covering both theory and application you will learn to perform eye-liner and eye brow procedures as well as lip contour and the full lip. Models are required.

2. PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION (4 hours; cost Rs: 7,000)

You will be taught theory on hair and causes of hair growth, you will be taught how to safely use an intense pulse light machine (IPL), preoperative, contraindications, and after care advise, consent forms. Bring models so you can practice what you have been taught.

3. MICRODERMABRASION (4 hours; cost Rs: 5,000)

You will be taught skin anatomy, common skin conditions, conditions where micro dermabrasion is suitable , how to safely use microdermabrasion with the machine, preparation of client , after care advise, sun protection, consent.


For qualified, registered medical DRS/Dentists ONLY. Please note these courses are NOT for beauticians.

BOTOX INJECTION, you will be taught how to safely inject botox for crows feet lines, glabellar, horizontal frown lines, and for hyperhidrosis. Dosage/dilution, Preparation of the patients and after care advise, side effects, consent forms. Contra indications.

5 HOUR TRAINING please bring patients so you can gain experience in the injection techniques, we will demonstrate on patients but for your own experience it is advisable to bring patients to do the injection in front of the trainer.

COST Rs: 8,000

FILLERS TRAINING. You will be taught about various fillers available on the market in Pakistan, how to safely inject for naso labial lines, lip augmentation, chin reshaping, bridge of nose correction, tip of nose lift, tear troughs( deep hollows under eyes) preparation of the patient and after care advise. Side effects, consent forms, contraindications.

5 HOUR TRAINING as above please bring patients so you can practise what you have learnt in front of the trainer. We will do live demo on patients.

COST Rs: 8,000


4 HOUR Training, we will go through different types of peels ,what is available in Pakistan , contraindications , side effects, consent form, preparation of patient , how to apply peels, after care advise, sun protection. We will do live demos; you are advised to bring clients with you so you can practice what you have been taught.

COST Rs: 5,000


We will go through what is available in Pakistan , indications for use, contraindications, side effects , consent, preparation of patient, how to do needle free mesotherapy and with needles, after care, we will do live demos, you are advised to bring clients so you can demonstrate what you have been taught.

4 HOUR Training

COST Rs: 5,000


We will cover cryotherapy, electrocautery, radio frequency removal of warts, skin tags, molluscum, fibroma, cholesterol deposits, broken capillaries on the face, solar lentigo, clogged pores, hyperpigmentation. Demonstrations will take place.

4 Hour Training

COST Rs: 6,000




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Alcohol free after shave- 2oz (50g rose water, 2 oz( 50g) aloe vera gel, 1/2oz( 13g) vegetable glycerin and a few drops of essential oil like peppermint , eucalyptus if desired, combine the ingredients in a jar and shake to blend. Pat on the face after shaving.


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Full body detox lava hot stone massage- only Rs1,800
Luxury paraffin hand and foot treatment- Rs1,000
Hot sugar body polish- leaving skin smooth & silky Rs1,300
Thermal body wrap for super soft skin& hydrationRs1,400
Sams hydratingfacial & lips treatment Rs-2,000
Nourishing hair treatment Rs1,200
Stress relief facial Rs 1,500

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