Liposuction is an effective solution where stubborn and unsightly pockets of fat have not responded to a healthy diet and targeted exercise. The procedure is ideal where people are already at their target weight and the results are more effective and long lasting if you are fit and healthy. It is not an operation that will enable you to lose a significant amount of weight, it is not a treatment for obesity. However, removing specific, well defined areas of fat will balance the figure and give the appearance of significant weight loss. The procedure is also favoured by men who want to remedy the effects of middle age spread and attain a more youthful physique. This procedure is also used for treating men’s breast enlargement (Gynecomastia).

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It works by surgically removing fat from under the skin in problem areas, such as the chin(double chin) and neck, upper arms, abdomen, flanks (love handles), buttocks, outer thighs(saddle bags),thighs, knees, calves and ankles .


Liposuction is usually a day case procedure. Under local anaesthetic a small incision is made at the treatment site and a solution passed through a tube. The fat cells are then removed from the area. Following treatment, healthy, elastic skin will shrink to fit the new shape. This process can be aided by wearing an elastic garment for around one week.


You can expect to experience some bruising and swelling but this should subside after 1 or 2 weeks. You can generally return to work within a few days.


Actual price on consultation for abdomen liposuction starts from 47,000rs- 1lac



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