Safe and effective treatment for the reduction of excessive underarm sweating. Botox is used to block the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.

Hyperhidrosis affects the amount of perspiration produced, and the condition can leave the hands, chest, armpits, or feet constantly damp, making every day activities difficult to carry out, and causing embarrassment to the sufferer.


Treatment explained

Botox is injected in small doses into the skin where the perspiration is greatest, blocking the action of nerves that supply the sweat glands. This stops the glands from producing sweat. Treatment totally blocks the nerve ending for 6-12 weeks until new nerve endings start to re-grow a process that takes several months. Most patients notice positive changes within the first week after treatment, but the effects do wear off over time, which is when you will need your next treatment, this usually happens after an average of three to six months or sometimes longer. It is especially used for under arm sweating/palms. It can be used for forehead sweating.


A treatment takes about 20-30 minutes and you can resume your normal daily routine straight after the treatment.


Stop hyperhydrosis forehead- POC

Stop hyperhydrosis arm pits- POC

Stop hyperhydrosis feet-POC

Stop hyperhydrosis hands/palms-POC


Is a safe treatment as an alternative to botox this can give good results in certain clients. No injections involved.

For sweating of palms, feet, arm pits. 20 minutes Session Rs: 400

1st 2 months sessions recommended = 2 or 3 x a week

3rd month = once a week session.3 months duration recommended.



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Sensitive skin- a common cause is cosmetic ingredients, but temperature extremes or poor skin care can also be cited.


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