Dermatofibromas are firm bumps, or nodules, that form in the deep layers of the skin. They can appear pink or dull red, or can resemble a mole (nevi). They are usually small, about a quarter- to a half-inch wide but can grow to be over an inch in diameter. When pinched, dermatofibromas tend to create a dimple on the skin where the nodule attaches to the upper layers of the skin.

They are common and tend to occur in response to an injury, even minor events like an insect bite. This makes them more likely to appear on the arms and legs.

Dermatofibromas may persist for years. They are benign lesions so can be left alone without treatment. If their presence is bothersome, such as making it difficult to shave, they can be removed or shrunken with surgery or cryotherapy (freezing)



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