Body exfoliation

Exfoliation removes dead dull skin cells, lifts impurities, improves circulation, leaving you cleansed, polished and a fresh healthy radiant glow, skin is left nourished, with a super luster, soft and fragrant.C:UsersshaheenDesktopdocumentationpics for framesams9.jpg







Weekly body scrubs are advised to lift away impurities.

You can select any one of your choice for 30 to 45 minutes in Rs: 1,500 only

  • Coconut body polish

  • Papaya body polish

  • Body shimmer

  • Natural whitening polish

  • Honey body polish

  • Lavender body polish

  • White sesame seed and yogurt polish

  • Fruit and salt polish

  • Salt and pepper scrub

  • Silky sea salt scrub

  • Sesame honey polish

  • Coffee scrub

  • Cinnamon & vanilla scrub

  • Bran & oatmeal scrub

  • Ylang ylang & mung bean scrub


  • Gentle rice scrub

  • Boreh Indonesian body rub

  • Lular Indonesian powder scrub

  • Balinese coconut turmeric scrub

  • Body pesto polish

  • Thai poppy seed scrub

  • Thai ginger body scrub

  • Tamarind body scrub for natural whitening

  • Floral body scrub

  • Samsara polish

You can select any one of your choice for 30 to 45 minutes in Rs: 2,000 only

  • Detox polish

  • Vinotherpy

  • Seaweed and salt polish

  • African shea body butter polish

  • Hot chocolate polish

You can select any one of your choice for 40 to 60 minutes in Rs: 2,500 only

  • Thalgo body exfoliation

  • Volcano clay exfoliation

  • Bridal ubtan rub

  • Dermalogica body exfoliation

  • Dermalogica mineral salt scrub



  • This treatment gives great improvement to one of the first area that ages, the chest is cleansed, naturally exfoliated and treated with vitamin A to repair and renew wrinkly skin tissue, the skin becomes softer, hydrated, visibly plumper.



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For a natural deodorant, use green leaves like spinach, fresh herbs like mint , rub the area briskly over the area that perspires a few time during the day. Or shake 6 drops lavender oil in 1 pint (600ml) distilled water. Store in a dark coloured bottle in the refrigerator. Apply with a cotton wool twice daily were necesary.


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Internet Specials >>

Full body detox lava hot stone massage- only Rs1,800
Luxury paraffin hand and foot treatment- Rs1,000
Hot sugar body polish- leaving skin smooth & silky Rs1,300
Thermal body wrap for super soft skin& hydrationRs1,400
Sams hydratingfacial & lips treatment Rs-2,000
Nourishing hair treatment Rs1,200
Stress relief facial Rs 1,500

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