The word spa literally means SANUS PER AQUAM (Latin derived) or health by water it is taken from the town of spa in Belgium which was one of the first places to recognise the healing properties of mineral rich water. Water and massage in strengthening the constitution and treating disease date back to Hippocrates (known as the father of Western medicine) and the ancient Egyptians who believed water had both physical and sacred properties. In Ayurveda (Indian) and traditional Chinese medicine water is the medium through which life force or qi or prana travels within the body. The term spa has widened to include a diverse combination of ancient philosophies and modern techniques but the common thread water remains. Given that an approximated 85% of all illness is stress related spa therapies around the world utilise Eastern and Western methods to prevent and therapeutically combat the effects of stress and promote relaxation.

The term Medi Spa is the latest trend and buzz word in Europe, America and Canada  in the development of the modern spa with many clients from overseas travelling to Medi Spas for aesthetic/anti-ageing/rejuvenation/ cosmetic/ medical/dental/ wellness/detoxification treatments in luxurious, soothing, tranquil environment of a spa than a clinical hospital setting. Medi spas are run under the supervision of a medical dr/dentist.

We are what we eat, we are what we do and we are what we think, here we believe in natural health combined with Western medicine. Prevention is better than curing. Here you will be provided with knowledge and information on several ways to take care of yourself, using natural therapies, such as eating herbs to treat minor illnesses, learning about foods to help with certain medical conditions such as arthritis, heart disease etc.  . We firmly believe and encourage people to change one’s own lifestyle in 3 conceptual healthy gateways. (1) Eating proper – according to each individual health problem.   (2) Physical work out.  (3) Calm down the mind (relaxation). These all can be called “BODY AND MIND DETOXIFICATION “. Modern lifestyle has taken its toll on our digestive organs, refined, processed, low fibre foods, animal fats, a lack of exercise and an ever increasing level of stress all contribute to our current gastro- intestinal health crisis. The most essential ingredient to achieve optimal wellness in your life is you, your mind has to be set, your focus is essential to achieve a healthier life style. Avoid negative emotions, thoughts, actions, motivated by anger, greed, envy or jealousy. Spend time in nature every day.

People’s behaviour is a crucial factor for good health. We need to change our habits that lead to toxin build ups so that we no longer have the health problems so common today. Here at SAMS we have created a place where you can take care of yourself, conditions like diabetes and obesity are city life ailments caused by poor eating habits. We address these problems with a personally designed programme, because changes of habit need to happen willingly, changing your lifestyle means changing your way of thinking first.

When at SAMS one retreats from the world and embarks on a journey within. Let SAMS take you on a senses journey of well being through exclusive holistic treatments and body rituals yet to be experienced. Enter a new world of wellness.


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Nourishing hair treatment Rs1,200
Stress relief facial Rs 1,500

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